Author: Badboy Lifestyle; Type: Downloadable PDF; Size: Kb; Downloaded : times; Categories: Art Of Seduction, Pickup Guides; The Badboy. Memoirs of a Badboy is my book my PHD of Seduction! This was the hardest, The Mission Impossible girl that I made it very possible!! Its an Free chapter from. Lifestyle coach. Among the best dating and Lifestyle coaches in the world, today is a star known as Badboy. The creator and designer of Direct and Natural.

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How could that possibly work? If you gave me any situation, I could tell you where you were with the girl, what you needed to say next, and what the next steps were. Most everyone else doing workshops was teaching some version of this without really understanding it, which is why most of them were crap. Why were these guys going in the opposite direction?

I got to the workshop.

A not very tall, average looking man with a limp introduced himself as Badboy. But he conveyed authority. And within minutes, we were off and running, as the instructors were simulating different social environments and having us practice, over and over, what to do and how to act.

Apparently, I talked too softly.

Bad Boy for Life

My body language was reactive and terrible. After all, results speak for themselves. I noticed that the other students appeared to have been transformed.

Nine students, some shy, some outgoing, some nervous, some confident, some good looking, some hot, turn into men with presence.

At first few weeks, you have to play it as a Gay friends towards them. Rule 3 Keep the fridge always full You want to drink my wine?? You want to get some of girls we cultivated? No problem. But make sure sooner or later you bring Bootle of wine to replace it. Fridge, must be always full, so everyone can feed themselves.

That's rule of thumb. All of my Male friends know it. One thing I hate on parties, and that is those guys who come, and they think they can drink for free, girls that are in that room are for free.. When guy comes to party he doesn't come with any girl, but has there to feed himself, try to not invite him again. You don't need those kind of guys in your life. Those guys do not understand, that every girl I have in my life inner circle girl costed me few hundreds bucks. Once you have good quality girls in your life, be careful with who do you share them.

You have to share them, being selfish and keeping it all for yourself wont work as well. If you invite 15 girls at your party and its you alone there, it wont badboyplayers.

So you have to share your circle with quality guys. If you have top-quality guys your friends on parties, that girls can meet, they will love to come back to you, as they know place where they can meet excellent guys. Do not invite weirdos, community guys. You want socially-calibrated guys, who are successful in their private life.

BadBoy Lifestyle

Even better, get guys who have developed their circle as well. This is long term plan, but fuck it, once you create this, there is enough girls for rest of your life. I am sure you already know what I am talking about here, as at least you know one person who is doing exactly this. The goal, is to get together with guys like that, and share and combine circles of groups. In the end you want to have gather 3 baits who are 9's or 10's and get their circle into your life.

Each girl will get you 5 girls into your life. Get some cool music. Print nice photos from your life, and put them in photo album, and leave it around. Girls love it.

On bookshelf put some sex books. They will grab it sooner or later. You will control energy of your private party, by drink you give them to drink, and music you play. Buddha bar or cafe Del mar is perfect for those kind of events, but be flexible.

Let girls play music they like.

Let them feel and behave as they are at home. Get some good wine. Wine will keep energy low. Shoots will make them aggressive.

Learn how to make cocktails. You only have to know how to make 2 or 3 of them. Putting it all together What I do every so and then, is I will call my baits female friends to come at my place for drink before going out.

Usually each of them brings one or 2 girlfriends. Some of them I met before some not. There are always some fresh girls coming into my life through circle. As Baits literally love me as a friend. Even today she is talking about it. By doing it, now she is building indirectly lots of attraction for me. Her girlfriends feel attraction for me way before they even met me.

They feel attraction, they trust me, as its social circle. I have to build some physical comfort and make it sexual. I love this game! So they arrive to my place, and Bait 2 introduced me to her hot girlfriend from university. Yummy blond. I see she already heard all stories about me, and she badboyplayers. She is my target for tonight I decided to take is slow with her. Just to create more trust and comfort with her and wait till end of night. We had some fun at my place, drank some wine, talked about XY, and went to club Inside club, we partied, had fun, and I was building massive rapport with my target.

When we got to car, I asked her does she wants to have one more drink at my place she already been there few hours ago, so its not a problem. We got home. Started kissing, had sex. No one knew.

Breaking up. Breaking up with one of girls from circle like walking on a thin ice. If break up was to hard core, or you are cheating one of girls and your social circle finds out that, there is a big chance you will lose girl and whole circle. They wont trust you any more I did a mistake like this, and whole circle fall apart.

So Be very careful how you end relationships. Tell them, you think that you tried, but you feel this relationship wont work, or any other excuse. When breaking up use word FEEL a lot.

Go out and find new bait, and start from scratch. In the moment I am writing this text, I am running 4th Generation. Bro, that's next level. Personally, I hate going to clubs and picking up girls. I don't even do it myself. Relationship means allot for them. Its like your friend with Carrera or Ferrari. But that's just period in her life. Because of evolution, and the way their body is designed, they have to search badboyplayers.After the dinner we went back to the apartman to get ready to go out.

Let's be very clear about this: Bad Boys never really seem to care that much about getting women. Enter your search terms Submit search form. Badboy Lifestyle Website: Badboy Lifestyle - Seduction Guide But make sure sooner or later you bring Bootle of wine to replace it.

Putting it all together What I do every so and then, is I will call my baits female friends to come at my place for drink before going out. BB Workshop porn. She looked smoking hot, listening to music on her iPod.